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X3 Distance Driver - The Preserve Championship Stamp - AIR Plastic

X3 Distance Driver - The Preserve Championship Stamp - AIR Plastic

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The X3 joins Prodigy's AIR driver lineup, and they have also added one of the Preserve Championship stamps as an added bonus!

The Prodigy Disc X3 is a consistent, very long flying, slightly over stable distance driver designed for all skill levels. The X3 is a great choice for any player looking to throw long, fast, and dependable drives. The X3 is slightly less stable than the X2, giving it a longer glide period in the middle of the flight path, and a softer left to right finish. The X3 matches the X1 and X2 in consistency but exceeds in turn and glide.

Plastic Type: Prodigy Air Plastic is one of the most exciting plastics to be introduced to the disc golf scene. The revolutionary 400 series base resin that has become a favorite of Canadian Open, Japan Open, US Open, European Open and World Champions has been modified to create a spectacular-flying, absolutely beautiful looking discs. Prodigy Air is available in a lighter weight ranges. The grip, feel and performance are sure to become the new standard for all players looking for the highest quality disc in lighter weights.

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